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Chocolate manufacturer ADIKAM

chocolate products for connoisseurs of good taste

Chocolate manufactory ADIKAM offers chocolate products which are distinguished by the highest quality and appearance refined down to the smallest detail. If you want to supplement your shop’s assortment with high-quality chocolate sweets in packaging adapted to every occasion, take a look at our offer. ADIKAM products meet various aesthetic tastes and, despite their exclusive setting, are accessible to everyone. 


Products created with passion and commitment by the chocolate manufacture meet all quality standards. The safety of the ingredients and the entire production process is evidenced by the IFS Food certificate. their quality and good consumer feedback are confirmed by numerous awards and prizes, incl. Product of the Year or FMCG Market Pearls.

Our chocolate sweets are made from meticulously selected ingredients, the best available on the market. Natural products and high-quality cocoa are the basis for the unique taste that distinguishes ADIKAM chocolate products.

Milk chocolate, white and dessert chocolate, chocolate commemorative figurines or chocolate lollipops are just a few examples of the results of our work, which we are constantly trying to improve. We are sure that we provide our customers with perfectly prepared products, because we test the first pieces of our ADIKAM chocolate factory’s products ourselves.

Choco Coffe 10g

Is it possible to start the day well without a cup of coffee? For most of us, this is unimaginable. Yet there is an alternative solution. ADIKAM Chocolate Manufacture has encapsulated the stimulating power of this drink and the positively uplifting taste of sweetness in Choco Coffe – chocolates with coffee. The problem of lack of time is falling into oblivion. Choco Coffe is always close at hand, whether you are on the bus to work or just taking a break from your daily


Chocolate Lollipop X-MAS 15g

The mood of Christmas can be created wonderfully by small things. Such as chocolate lollipops X-MAS. Their delicious taste and the beautiful graphic design of the packaging solemnly announce that the holidays are getting closer. We create our chocolate sweets using only natural ingredients and high-quality cocoa. They make the perfect addition to any Christmas eve gift. 


Easter Chocolate Lollipop 15g

ADIKAM’s Easter chocolate lollipops are a small portion of high quality sweets Milk chocolate, the main ingredient in the product, is made using the finest cocoa and only natural ingredients. Our chocolate manufactore also designs functional packaging for each of the products, taking care of their respective graphic design. We tailor it to the circumstances and choose colours that will stand out among the rest of the shop’s assortment.


Easter Chocolate Lollipop 5 x 15g

Chocolate Lollipops for Easter is another of our festive offerings. The set includes 5 pieces of sweets, created with high-quality natural ingredients in our chocolate factory. They make the perfect addition to any Easter gifts. By appearing in a multipack, they can be gifted to several people. The delicious milk chocolate in the form of lollipops and the festive, colourful packaging are sure to encourage you to buy the product


Order chocolate products for your store

If you are wondering what products will be best for your customers, please tell us about it.
ADIKAM employees have been supporting distributors in choosing the right sets for many years. They will be happy to advise you on what to choose to meet the expectations of people visiting your store.
We know how to create luxurious gift sets and we can enclose joy in them, we know how to create chocolate gifts that will be remembered for a long time.